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Remembering A Friend (Rainbow Bridge)

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I just lost a good, four legged friend. This is my tribute. These songs/poems where I grieve are as open to mixing As any other. Especially if you are grieving.

This is simply spoken. I’ve lost five animals over the last year and I’m very… Broken about it right now.

I spoke one line twice because I knew I screwed it up. I do quote Richard Adam’s “Watership Down” in the file full of rain. If your use is non commercial and rabbit friendly you can probably use it without enraging his estate. Otherwise don’t.


another good friend that has taken their leave
I face into the wind seeking my reprieve
a popular destination for my friends
with wagging tails and fluffy bunny ends

so many milestones you couldn’t understand
but you made life worth one hundred grand
my heart is with the thousand for you do not run
my part is to live underneath the cold sun

we spoke with our hearts and not with words
you are all family, yes full family worth
where my ancestors gather I hope to find you
else I’ll find you at the bridge and remind you.

i love you, always and forever

"Remembering A Friend (Rainbow Bridge)"
by coruscate

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