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Bustin Out

uploaded: Sun, Mar 20, 2011 @ 7:15 AM last modified: Sun, Mar 20, 2011 @ 7:32 AM  (add)
byBenjamin Orth
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I like the combination of Metal riffs and Techno beats. In the mid/late 90s I was totally blasted away when I first heard “Voodoo People” and “Their Law” from The Prodigy, Apollo 440’s “Ain’t talking ‘bout dub” and of course the first CD “Herzeleid” from Rammstein. Being a Metalhead back then - and of course still today :-) - electronic music in general was not my favorite, but this opened my mind to the electronic world.

To this remix: I had the guitar riffs in mind for ages and tried to made an instrumental Metal song out of it but I wasn’t satisfied with it at all. Then I thought of putting a four-on-the-floor-beat to it just for fun and suddenly the riffs seem to make sense. A few weeks ago I found Coruscate’s vocals here on ccMixter and finally I’m satisfied with the song. I hope you’ll like it too. :-)
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  • /Benjamin_Orth_Bustin_Out_Guitar_Rhythm_(Right).mp3 (4.69MB)
  • /Benjamin_Orth_Bustin_Out_Synth_FM8.mp3 (5.28MB)

"Bustin Out"
by Benjamin Orth

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