Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Full Moon Bathtub (Breaks Mix)

Breakbeats lifting ambient tones make “Full Moon Bathtub (Breaks Mix)” a must have for any atmospheric dance playlist this summer (even if you’re dancing alone pandemic style). Apoxode’s detailed production features AcrylicBathHouse’s samples — a perfect pairing.

BLM (I Can't Breathe)

by: Jihfa
Hip-hip that hits the heart. Jihfa’s remix of Michael Burnz’s passionate rap implements strong production skills. It includes protest field recordings from Spinningmerkaba. Listen & share.
Kara Square

Breathe - BLM Mix

by: J.Lang
Powerful downtempo track with a message. J.Lang’s remix includes spoken word by Letters For Black Lives, Spinningmerkaba’s field recordings of the Oxnard CA Black Lives Matter protest, and the verse putting all together by Mikey D. Listen to this important track.
Kara Square

I Can't Breathe

A peaceful ambient tribute to George Floyd. Admiral Bob’s remix of Subhashish is a powerful and thought-provoking moment of respect, healing, and hope.
Kara Square

here to stay

Exceptional performances in this heartfelt vocal and overwhelming musical skill and production. Technically and emotionally…the very best it can be.

Afrer Hours ( Remix )

Dysfunction_AL applies stellar creative and technical productions skills combined with an exceptional performance by thatcrazylittleasian to deliver epic electronic music.


It’s a time for uniting, Subliminal’s track is an anthem for the here and now.
Mana Junkie

Stay Calm

Inspiring EDM full of sparkling joy! Dysfunction_AL mixes up SackJo22’s vocals into an isolation-ending dance party. Get your groove on!
Kara Square


Chill, downtempo remix with ethereal vocals. Snowflake’s remix of airtone and mwic is soothing and inspiring. Push play and shut your eyes for a moment. Meditate. Conquer fear. Transmutate.
Kara Square

There's A Place

Ambient, immersive downtempo pop. Loveshadow’s remix of Cole Morrall’s alluring vocal creates a healing, hope-filled space for chilling out. There’s a place for us all.
Kara Square

Piece of the Moon

Dark electro pop with soul-stirringly poignant lyrics and frigidly cool vocals. Scomber took Kraftamt’s melancholic orchestral stems and penned an epic, wistful track for the isolation. As Scomber asks: Who took a piece out of the moon?
Kara Square

the road back

You wait for the Sleeper bus for ever..and then two come along at the same time.


Sassy electronic dance music! Kraftamt brings a head bobbing, foot tapping club beat to Sassygal’s Mirror Mirror. Listen to Sassygal’s voice soar effortlessly over Kraftamt’s driving EDM.

Stayin @ Home - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Piero Peluche’s pop wobble punk remix of Kara Square’s Stay @ Home is delightful and inspiring. And, you can dance to it.

ccMixter’s Speck opines, “Fantastic! Whether dancin’ at home or walkin’ on the sun.”

Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix)

Old School funk with modern, prophetic insights, ‘Now Understand This’ is a must listen during these pandemic days. Cure yourself of apathy and disease and join Joel Frijters, Speck and the ccMixter community in becoming a catalyst for change.