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Editors' Picks

Tha Crash (Prod. by Robbero)

Robbero has mad skills with his production of Tha Crash feat the oh-so-talented Ms. Vybe with smileyharley on Bvox. This hip-hop groove pulls you in with the first verse and doesn’t let go. A must listen.

Like A What?

Scott returns after after a long hiatus with a gritty and brooding Urban excursion, based musically on the great stems of Admiral Bob, fit for a contemporary street movie.

New Earth

by: CSoul
Hypnotic. Propulsive. Mystical. CSoul’s intrinsically danceable remix of Snowflake connects you to the stars while keeping your feet moving on the ground.


“The wise man does not seek pleasure, but freedom from pain…..” This compelling story-song from our beloved Timberman is reminiscent of Dylan meeting Sting. Featuring a well-crafted loop from Darkroom, Aristoteles is a song that will go straight to your heart.

Homesick (Keymix)

Keytronic’s remix of kizzylotus’ “Homesick” will whisk you away like a dreamer into distant lands!

burning bridges

kris_sky’s empathetic orchestral arrangement compliments c.layne’s emotional vocals with grace. The beats kick it up and just wait until the guitar wails in… a GLORIOUS musical moment!
Kara Square

Bambi in Lappland

Hypnotic and ultra-cool with a Lykke Li vibe, diaphane’s vocals and Ditto-Ditto’s electro backing track make a must listen gem. Go on now… push play!
Kara Square

Just Enjoy the View - Preview

Occasional singer songwriter piece every now and then gives a nice contrast to all this electronic stuff we have here in ccMixter. Debbie has found her own path and will most likely bring us even more great moments in the future. Keep an eye (or ear) on Debbie.
Zep Hurme

A Day Like This

Panu’s Treeline fits like a glove into Aussens@iter’s romantic prog-rock piece. Echoes of the 70’s softer prog-rock mixed with current vibe creates a juicy listening experience to any old prog-rock fart.
Zep Hurme

Music Connects Us (who takes the stick)

Platinum Butterfly brings more than 40 different voices of ccMixter together in a deep house mix to show just how music connects us! What a beautiful testament to the ccMixter community. Bravo!


In the unexpected dwells the ingenious. Here, Airtone and Speck take us on the kind of mood-lifting ultra-cool electro-pop ride we thought only the French could make. Apparently summer isn’t over yet.
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The Hurricane Song

unreal_dm and Panu Moon weave an excellent yet heartbreaking tale about the aftermath of big storms in the roadhouse R&B and blues style of the southern coastal regions cyclically ravaged by hurricanes.

Echoes of the Mind

Fall into a deeply ambient musical experience with Echoes of the Mind by spinmeister featuring Kara Square. This down-tempo beauty will open your soul to new depths.

City Life

Zep Hurme’s electrifying prog-rock mix of Donnie Ozone’s City Life will set your mind on fire with deeply compelling lyrics and Porcupine-Tree-style guitar riffs. A must listen for any real rock fan.

Red Queen ....

This majestic, atmospheric pop collaboration by VickyDan (composition) and Ciggi Burns (words and vocals) contemplates the fear of making a change. The clever and poignant lyrics are inspired by ‘Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There’ by Lewis Caroll. I bet everyone can relate to this beautiful, thought provoking track.
Kara Square