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Editors' Picks

Warm Lights

Ride the lofi summer vibes of Darkroom’s “Warm Lights.” Making great use of Apoxode’s beats, Darkroom creates a beautiful piano-driven downtempo soundscape. Chill out with this ready-for-film instrumental.
Kara Square


Take a relaxing lofi journey with Apoxode. Using samples from Admiral Bob and Siobhan Dakay, the piano and bass engage in a calm call and response. Apoxode utilizes space in this thoughtful minimalist mix , which gives the lofi sounds room to breathe. Push play and chill.
Kara Square


Glimmering synthpop with a classic touch. greg_baumont takes us back to the 80s with this scintillating remix of cube3’s “Control.” Fans of synthpop won’t want to miss out on this instant classic!

There is no reality (Orange Pill)

Dark, calm and full of passion. Musikpirat built the perfect backtrack to Kara’s spoken words.
Avantgard techno meets crazyness. Cabaret meets sweat and club.
Siobhan Dakay

Rainy Feels

Catch the lofi trip-hop groove of Donnie Ozone’s remix featuring sounds from Apoxode and Jeris. The downtempo coolness of this instrumental is soothingly hypnotic.
Kara Square


Chill out with airtone’s downtempo ‘Lofi Summer Vibes’ remix featuring Javolenus’ expressive guitar and Apoxode’s lofi ambience. Perfect for the bittersweet, end of summer sadness.
Kara Square

Color of Blue (lofi mix)

Have the bartender make you another tequila sunrise, it’s medicine…just like this mix.

World Below (One Day)

by: 7OOP3D
With love from Hamburg, 700P3D inspires us with an awesomely spatial instrumental featuring Whale Wizard and Snowflake. Enjoy this epic musical journey.

Broken Dreams

by: Rewob
At the beach, the eighties, Rimini, a cocktail, outside. Man in white suites, woman in long dresses. Ice clicking in the glass. Decent humidity. And this Track mixed by Rewob is playing on heavy rotation.
Yes, close your eyes and dance. Wonderful
Siobhan Dakay

Enchanted ft. Rewob

Sway to a sensual bass line and yearn with a haunting guitar melody in “Enchanted” — with Apoxode on the DAW utilizing Rewob’s sonic source. Listen to this Magic Hour Secret Mixter final submission in headphones.

Truth and Fact

“Truth and Fact” is a moving love song, that opens the pain and beauty of the heart, a song of vulnerability and trust. Mykle Anthony’s production of Kara Square’s airy pell deserves radio play.

Gimme that Body (So Hot)

Now this is a very hot track. It’s so hot that I had to turn on my air conditioner to full to cool me down
Mana Junkie

Magic Unfolds

n every moment
In every breath
Magic unfolds
Into existence

Paired with Siobhan Dakay’s expansive piano, Kara’s impassioned voice resonates as a compassionate prayer and mediation. I invite you to listen to Magic Unfolds with your whole being.

I'm Not Sure (Vanished Mix)

Gently flow through your melancholy with the emotive vocals of Mykle Anthony wrapped in the rhythmic musical craftsmanship of Siobhan Dakay. I’m Not Sure is radio ready!

inTENsity secret mixter

Stefan Kartenberg takes Scomber’s pell to a whole new level, with this inTENsity remix with a little help from bangcorrupt.

If this doesn’t have you tapping your toes along with the beat than I guess nothing will. ;)
Mana Junkie