Editors' Picks

City Life

Zep Hurme’s electrifying prog-rock mix of Donnie Ozone’s City Life will set your mind on fire with deeply compelling lyrics and Porcupine-Tree-style guitar riffs. A must listen for any real rock fan.

Red Queen ....

This majestic, atmospheric pop collaboration by VickyDan (composition) and Ciggi Burns (words and vocals) contemplates the fear of making a change. The clever and poignant lyrics are inspired by ‘Through The Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There’ by Lewis Caroll. I bet everyone can relate to this beautiful, thought provoking track.
Kara Square

Amor Pirata

by: Jeris
Jeris’s remix of Cheech Stavele’s Amor Pirata is a throwback of the group War with a modern day flair. A terrific Latin reggae feel.

Brazilian Mix

The production skills of Texaradiosfish shine in this polished Latin jazz fushion orchestation that kicks! It is hot!


Exciting, thumping EDM with an engaging spoken word, catchy refrain, and soul stirring vocalizations. SackJo22’s vocal remix of Snowflake’s remix of alexjc916, Vidian, and George Ellinas make this one party that is NOT TO BE MISSED. Give a listen. For an incredible multimedia experience, be sure to visit SackJo22’s website for the photos that accompany her spoken word story about the Mojave Desert (there’s a link at the bottom of her remix description).
Kara Square


by: CSoul
Csoul takes Snowflake on a perfectly seductive and hypnotic dub-chill ride.
Perfect track for a slow night cruise on the Nile with that special one.

Jazz on Redial

This groovy, jazzy number is a must listen. Scomber mixes up Loveshadow’s beautiful, soulful vocals with Jeris’ classy instrumental (featuring Stefan Kartenberg on guitar). Push play and sway…
Kara Square

Dear moon, (ft. Doxent)

Imagine a dark, magical night… look up at the sky. The super moon is shinning bright, larger than life. The Perseids meteor shower is raining shooting stars above. And in your head, this beautiful, atmospheric instrumental featuring Rob Walker’s shakuhachi and Doxent Zsigmond’s glockenspiel plays like a music box that never needs wound up.
Kara Square


OmniVista’s Speak is sensually downtempo, oozing with mood, groove and the delicious vocals of Ciggi Burns. A must add to your ambient playlist and the Spirograph Soundscape Room of ccMixter’s BIG Fest.
Play Speak

Miss Miss Kiss Kiss

Zep’s post-punk pop-esque treatment of the ever passionate Kaer Trouz is outstanding.


Snowflake’s remix of Earritation featuring Patronski, Sackjo22, KaraSquare and Admiral Bob is an out of this world hip-hoppin’ joyride. An instant CCmixter classic from some of CCmixter’s most talented.

Hearts on Fire

Scomber’s take on Panu’s “Da Brum” is a no frills tight motha. Tight playing and tight editing. A textbook example on how less truly is more when an accomplished producer sets his mind into it.
Zep Hurme


This hypnotic glitchy spoken word piece urges repeat listens. Spinningmerkaba’s words and delivery reel you in. Then he mixes up some magic with panu’s acoustic guitar and an infectious beat. Give a listen!
Kara Square
Play Life

ccMixter See What You've Done

wrenchbiscuit’s powerful dystopian electronic post-blues remix of Snowflake sets up her Free Hearts pell in a dynamic way that illustrates exactly what ccmixter has done! Totally compelling.

Late Nigtht Tribe

ccMixter newcomer, earritation, lays down ambient groove that is smooth and seductively chill featuring Darkroom’s loop skills. “Late Nigtht Tribe” would fit on any Groove Salad playlist, setting the stage for the Spirograph Soundscape Room in the Big Fest.