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A Night In the Desert

Peaceful, serene, beautiful. An ambient dream.

shockshadow really does capture the mood of a night in the desert in this one: dark but hopeful, steady yet melodic. By the times the drums kick in you see the clouds clearing from the bright moon and stars lighting up the night.

Just about every sound in this piece is in the right place.

Excepting this Fat Reaction

Electronica with soul , creative and exciting. The perfect blend of engaging but not distracting. The amount of effort put into a Minus piece is masked by the smooth, seemless results.

If you liike instrumental virtual turntable music, Minus is definitely a Mixter to watch.

Still People

A modern classical ditty that doesn’t require a PhD from Juliard to appreciate.

The production quality is not totally professional but the composition is so strong that it touches the listerner with it’s honest emotional reach.

Weird Polymer is a great Mixter citizen uploading not only wonderful compositions but the source files allowing remixers full access to these deceptively simple but complex arrangement.

If you’re ready for a break from high-energy or experimental forrays, Polymer is for you.


An electronic masterpiece by an electro magician.

I love the sound of this track. Minus Kelvin is a technician on production and this is my favorite of all his uploads. The sounds are clean, seperated and mixed expertly. The song itself could be described as Kraftwerk 2005. Very electronic, but very funky.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla


Vocals by John Van Buren, produced by ASHWAN this track is exceptional. For those who love hip-hop and those who don’t. This track may very well be on the next Chill-Out genre compilation you buy. Think Portishead meets David Bowie.


Gerador Zero rocks! This is my favorite from him. Not your everyday “electronic” track. Valsinha is beautiful yet edgy, modern yet classic. Real musicianship involved here. Be sure to check out at least one other track from him just to give you an idea of how diverse he is.

Knowing that we should never judge people based on where they come from. One thing I’ve noticed here at CC is if the bio mentions Brasil, the rhythm production is going to be solid. Enjoy. : )

Bored on Your Backside

An amazing mix with strong production qualities and very creative use of the Wired CD sample material. Reminds me of something BT might put out.
DJ Matt Hite


My very first pick. One of the winners of the recent contest but if you haven’t heard it yet please check it out. A deep mix of mainstream and soundtrack sounds by His Boy Elroy. Kind of like Moby’s - Porcelain but by someone who eats a steak once in a while. ; )

stonehenge outtake

One word…incredible. This should be offered on Wikipedia as a downloadable example for “raw talented musician.”

Jiggy PoP

Cut-up school is now in session, your teacher for the evening will be Pat Chilla.

Pat has uploaded so many professional sounding hip-hop tracks to Mixter that this one tends to get overlooked but it is definitely worth a listen for anybody looking to turn up the bass. Waaaaayyyy up.

The playful opening sets you up for a wide slow groove that invokes, well, very, very bad thoughts. ;)



Head Knodders Alert!!! This track is 100% groove.

Strictly for the lyricist or beat monger, this track has the perfect hip-hop balance of mainstream and underground street credibilty. In short, the track just ROCKS!!! After downloading this one and playing it on my car stereo, I love it even more.

Let the freestyles begin!!
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

no meaning no remastered (eminent fury rmx)

Non-stop high energy motion that defies you not to move around.

In this remix of Fine Arts Militia and Chuck D. omni/megabuzz takes the original by the stick and puts the pedal to the floor for a wild ride. The FAM/Chuck D samples he used are brilliantly placed over and around a funky beat that fades in and out — the tension is built into every bar of this track.

Get the party started…
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