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Collab feature

permalink   Fri, Apr 13, 2007 @ 11:04 PM
The collaboration feature has been enabled in a psuedo beta mode.

teru is going to create a bunch of them and invite the appropriate people. He is going to be the ‘owner’ of all of these projects and as we move through the week or so you can send me feedback on the parts that work for you or don’t (or you can’t even figure out how they are supposed to work).

After this ‘shake out’ period I’ll be putting new menu items up so anyone can create them.

Some notes (please read this before contacting me, it will save the trouble of asking if you have read it):


- the file upload mechanism on the collab page is not very friendly to errors so make sure you’ve filled out the fields fully and correctly and that you uploading a proper file (mp3, zip, etc). Be very patient while uploading, but if it takes over 5 min then refresh the page.

- when you upload: the default is ‘unpublished’ (hidden) but other members of your project can see it on the collab page. If you want the world to see it just select ‘publish’ link

- when you upload a ‘sample’ or ‘pell’ we remember that. when you upload a ‘remix’ we assume the other files are samples and attach them to the remix. It doesn’t matter what order you upload it, we do the attachment in either case.

- if you ‘remove’ a file we will NOT update ‘uses samples from’ or delete the upload.

- you can also upload a file normally using ‘Submit Files’ and if you are a member of a project we allow you to put the upload directly into the project. (You’ll see it on your submit forms.)


- you can invite others to your project but I’m not sure what the “rules” are regarding teru’s projects so best if you don’t. If you do, you should email contact them because we don’t do that automatically (yet).

Bugs and Missing stuff

- remix license assignment is not working properly (yet). If you have a sample that is NC then the remix should be NC automatically but that doesn’t happen, you have to mark it NC when you doing the upload.

- If want to upload via ‘Submit files’ only do that samples and pells (not remixes)

- You can not invite somebody who has no uploads (their name will not show up in the list). the workaround is to have them upload any old thing and then invite them.

- There is currently no way to delete a collab project.

- The remix listings and song listings don’t indicate when something is in a collab project or not.

- Since we don’t have menu items for these projects make sure to use your browser to bookmark your project when teru invites you.

Happy collabing
permalink   Fri, Jun 8, 2007 @ 5:24 PM
Sweet. This feature is the first thing I thought about when I found this site, I just haven’t looked on the forum much.. I know this post is a bit old, I missed out on the first project - but would like to be in on the next round, or sub for someone if needed. I can also test to help find bugs.