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Hey Folks: Contest hosted by myself

permalink   Sat, Oct 7, 2006 @ 9:20 PM
I posted this on acidplanet, but Im hoping to generate some more applicants here. I am an artist hoping to get remixes for some of my original songs. If there is a better way than this thread to setup my own contest please let me know.

FTP site is up!

Each song is a seperate folder, and contains a text file with tempo, key, and translation plus the mp3. I just pulled the all the wavs from protools, starting at zero, to give you maximum flexibility. (While you are downloading a file it sort of locks you out of the other folders, no way around this)

I am really excited to see all of your work! Quick reminder, were looking for club ready dance-ish remixes.

Please do not master your final songs! We will do the mastering to match the other songs on the album.

For those seemingly distrustful, I understand that this is the internet, so feel free to copyright the remix, of course, indicating that I was the original arist.

We are wrapping up work on a new album to market in India. We need a few remixes to put on the album, as remixes are driving the market over there. We feel that we have a pretty good shot, and with club ready remixes, an even better shot at making it.

1. Select a song you think you can work with
2. I will send you key/tempo info and a translation just so you can get an Idea for the feel of the song.
3. I can get whichever tracks you need straight from pro-tools.
4. Work your magic.
5. Sit back and watch it blow up.

You will receive full credit on the album, and if we do strike a record deal, you would naturally receive royalties.

Were looking to get this done within a reasonable amount of time, we want to start marketing the album to record companies asap. Please keep in mind this a serious opportunity, we need serious professionals. There is a considerable chance that this is going to end up somewhere.

Let me know folks, the best remixes will be included on the album!

or pm me for cell #

My Songs: Stream

Tere Saamne
Ishq Di Naviyon
Lehra Ke Chal
Khaaq Se Yaaro

Please take some time to stream the following remixes that are doing well in the market right now, to get a feel for what were going for.( if you want more)

Below are not my songs, I have included them as examples. Please see my profile, or my website for my original tracks.

Mitwa Remix: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Woh Lamhe: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Wheres the party tonight: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Let the music play: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Ye Mera Dil: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Ya Ali: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Fanaa: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Main Hoon Don: http://www.musicindiaonline...
Kya Mujhe: http://www.musicindiaonline...