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"Looking for" and 'what I pound on' and /whatido irregularities

permalink   Mon, Sep 25, 2006 @ 3:21 AM
CcMixter should make it easy for musicians to find each other and team up. One of the possibilities is clicking the “Looking for” link on your profile.

This, however, gives no results! And this is due to the wrong question being asked to CCMixter members when they fill in their profile. They have to answer ‘What do I pound on’, but for the ‘Looking for’ link to work, they should answer another question, ‘what am I’ for example.

Here is why:
“Looking for” brings you to a tag in the ‘whatido’ folder. For example: looking for a drummer brings you to the /whatido/drummer tag.

But if you are a drummer and you fill out your profile, you have to answer the ‘what I pound on’ question: you say: drums. And that brings you to the /whatido/drums tag.

As a consequence, the /whatido/drummer tag is EMPTY, and the /whatido/drums has some entries.

If you click on the ‘I’m looking for’ button, you almost always end up on an empty page.

I think this could be easily changed.
permalink   Mon, Sep 25, 2006 @ 7:10 AM
yea, you’re right — but it’s too late to ask everybody to change their profiles so I redid the the results page, now I put ALL the ‘what I pound on’ entries on one page and if you get a hit you are taken there directly:


And if you don’t get a hit you get closer to it:


Hope that better, let me know of any other way to improve it.