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eMail/freesound Troubles

permalink   Sun, Sep 3, 2006 @ 2:03 PM
I haven’t been able to confirm this 100% but it looks like ALL outgoing connections from ccMixter are down right now — in other words every time we try to reach another server including Freesound and ALL outgoing email we are not getting through.

That means if you try to contact someone through our ‘contact’ pages your mail will look like it’s going through but it did not. It’s been like this for about the last 16 hours.

I’m told our server folks are looking into it and I’ll let everybody know when it’s been fixed.

[UPDATE] Looks like freesound remixing is back online but mail is still not getting through…

[UPDATE 2] This feature is now down and has affected new registrations, lost passwords as well as admin contact.

[UPDATE 3] And just like that problem solved. Many thanks to our server gurus.


Sorry about this,