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Companies Seeking Permission for In-Store Music Play

permalink   Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 12:25 PM
Hey everyone —

Some of you may have received a message or messages from different companies seeking permission from you to play your music through their in-store music programs. They may ask that you grant them free use and warranty that you are not part of a performing rights society.

We kindly request that you turn those requests over to us for several reasons:

1. These types of programs do not honor the agreement of Creative Commons licensing — no Attribution is given. Attribution is currency.

2. Through ccMixter’s ccPlus program we are currently building a very affordably priced in-store licensing catalog. Artists will receive 75% of monies from this program and the 25% that goes to ccMixter will help keep us running.

3. These companies don’t seem understand that although the remixer may give permission, they would need permission from all artists in the remix history for each track. Please note: you cannot give permission for your remixes alone — all artists in any track would need to give permission.

4. These companies are quite large and asking for broad permissions. We believe use on this scale should either follow the requirements of CC licenses (Attribution and compliance with the NC component of the license if present) or be willing to give value to the artists for commercial use when full Attribution is not possible.

As we develop this In-Store ccPlus Library, we will keep you informed on how it works, what tracks are included and what funds are generated. Transparency is important to us.

Please feel free to write me with any questions, or forward any such requests to me.

Thank you for supporting ccMixter and this new chapter.