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ccMixter as a book of record for licensed work

permalink   Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 8:48 AM
A recent post made me start thinking of how ccM could help people who want to use CC-licensed work and protect themselves against future conflicts.

It’s great to be able to delete previously posted songs (I’ve done it myself) - but it can lead to a few issues.

On issue (described in the other post above) is where I upload a CC-BY track, someone uses it for a video, I later remove the track and challenge their use of it.
If that happens they don’t have a formal record of this music ever having been licensed as CC-BY, which opens up the door for conflict.

Another one is that it breaks the links to other remixes that use that source, and it’s as if it never existed.

If ccM kept a history record of each upload I think it could address both issues. It could be that when someone deletes an audio file ccM could keep the page with updated history to show the original upload, remixes and videos that have used it, and the original license used.

permalink   Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 3:18 PM
I agree with you Colab. A history log would be great.
Many mixters may not have noticed that at the beginning of the year Shannon Hurley took her songs down. At that point she was the most remixed artist on ccM with 420 remixes. I’m not disputing her right to pull her content and her reasons (I have discovered) were entirely valid, but its left a hell of a lot of fine music on the site “orphaned” without a remix or source history.

I know its been said before in previous threads, but I don’t think everyone understands. Anyone that uploads should realise that the license they select at the time is irrevocable (though they can vary the license at anytime but there is no change to previous licenses issued for that work)
CcM is all about sharing and whether we like it or not there will always be people out there with no respect for copyright or artist rights even with a liberal cc veneer.

A friend of mine in the industry once said if you ever wake up in the morning and hear an unaurthorised sample of your music on the radio - Shut up and if you want to sue, wait until it sells a few million and they have something to settle with. (I’m still waiting lol) Otherwise, man up and be happy that someone else values your work as much as you do , even if they dont have the respect to attribute or comply with the terms of the license.