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lyrics seeking a home

permalink   Sun, Mar 4, 2012 @ 7:15 AM
I was searching for a CC-BY song to inspire battlers making good and to express ludicrous amounts of joy in general - not the gloating negative kind of chant.
I was inspired to write some lyrics, hoping to collaborate, adapt or even sing (badly)

woke this morning
ten foot taller
new day dawning
dancing the fool, Oh!

jumping life thirst
out of my skin
cloud has burst
with a silver spin

I’m over the moon
I’m so relieved
shouting from the roof
“aspired and acheived”

I’m loving life
and life loves me
it’s hugs all round
open and free

I had my cake
and ate it too
there’s no mistake
got the cherry, too

licking my fingers
took the cream
smiling my ears off
proud as a queen

I killed the pig
I squared away those
harvest that I dig
are coming up rosey

spring in my step
bursting out of my skin
Hooray hop hip
no loss in my win

pat my back
I’m going higher
to be exact
I’m on fire

shake my hand
mark my special day
juicy jubliance
clears the way
permalink   Mon, Jun 18, 2012 @ 6:03 AM
What is the best place to post lyrics if you want to contribute them as text rather than sing?
It seems like vocalists like to produce their own - is there any point in contributing lyrics or suggesting collaboration?