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...le we were spending quality time together. i have released a handful of 12" drum & bass singles across several labels. i have had
... me, it's all about quality. i like to make beats that people can relate to. even though i'm a full-time college student, one of m
exportquality exportquality
asteria asteria asteria (sylvia rhyne, soprano, and eric redlinger, tenor and lute) seeks to bring a narrative quality and emotional imme...
...c of an outstanding quality while maintaining the necessary commercial appeal. many years of playing and programming music brought u
... in skill level and quality for ron so he decided to retire the name wizard and went by diverse which best described him self. near
kyro_sk djaii (as "kyro") i've been working with music now for... well, longer than my quality shows i guess (since 2002). an early backg...
...posing professional-quality tracks and remixes though :)
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