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...s a person and your qualities and not be influenced by others. kristian vuljar i don't give a shit but for example how i talk to y
...ngs. in the ode her qualities are described, courtesy of sackjo’s voice, taken from some of the 64 i-ching hexagrams re-assembled,
...e,there are certain qualities about this vocal that sound very familiar. international coincidence.? may all of your seasonal,ch
...t some of the vocal qualities i liked. so i tweaked compression (a lot), voice balance (a little), and left a bit of headroom this t, who is full of qualities and great musical sensitivity. regarding the musical composition, i made the choice to re-edit so
... from, the hypnotic qualities of the gateway. (and i couldn’t resist sampling a couple of other favourites so that the snowflake v's song. my remix qualities are quite limited and half of the song was a big enough struggle. maybe someone wants to pick up on th
rivers rivers with some production qualities by me and d.z. ,media,remix,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,piano,instrumental,spoke...
...y, it has some nice qualities to it, so i posted it as a reminder to make something similar and better perhaps later on. ,media,remi
...light both of those qualities and stay out of the way myself. at least 75% of the mix is source material from her. i just mixed it
...ness. without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.[/b] media,remix,bpm_090_095,by_robbero,occupied_mind,prod,
... guided by positive qualities you don't need crystals or a special cloth or the seventh seal of sephiroth to see with the third
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