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...aza. look at the photos and videos and make your own mind up. thanks to monstersbaby for his spoken words which though writt
minamata william eugene smith is one of the great photographers of our times. his documentary work earnt him not only the praise of his ...
...s by the famous war photographer, tim page. his accounts of the various conflicts he covered, especially vietnam were a sobering li
... orson welles took photos of ourselves riding carousels — so stop on by area 51 — and catch us tanning up under the sun —
...terra over the tele-photon intercom system. (unfortunately only one side of the conversation was recorded.) enjoy ! ,media,remix,
the perception of photons thanks to: javolenus: electric guitar sackjo22: spoken word siobhan dakay:spoken word lots of mentions ab...
...mboyant ; plein de photos prisent par les passants ; de souvenirs de se printemps prsent ; ou la plnitude est dans l’instan i just saw a photo of a singer in the news smiling thoughtfully and raising three fingers. what do i read in this trivial
...eatly arranged with photos. choose a 25 year old with a crispy body that refreshes the heart. and g1ve her money for it, that i may
... when i uploaded my photo to ccmixter were something like this: the black ones said: who is the nogger? that's a nogger.... wh
... between my profile photos and the white music i create. and race is a popular topic in the united states of america. the federal
...g is not negating photodegrading and mass migrating pollinators butterfies, bees, hummingbirds we are pollinators clarion
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