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...n. i don't have monitors or even good headphones so it is very hard to hear levels and balance -- please your feedback in this r,music_to_wreck_monitors,
...first listen on the monitors. the bass nearly vanished so i added the same line with an upright bass but kept the deep sine as it
...ixed on headphones (monitors dead), so it may be a bit much in the bass dept. through speakers ,media,remix,bpm_080_085,nc_sampling_
...astered with studio monitors as well as headphones. take care when you listen via headphone, do not level up volume too much. it wil
...he capacitors on my monitors are toast, so 'twas was mixed with only headphones. hope it sounds decent on speakers! [i]ps the synth
...ix with my very new monitors - so i can't hide behind the "headphone mix" excuse any more. ,media,remix,bpm_120_125,trackback,in_vid
... don't have working monitors so this is a headphone mix and may need some leveling. input is welcome. [url=
.... saving up for new monitors. my event monitors have been down for lack of parts and we are using an eclectic mix of inexpensive log
minuet in g major noticed mozart was requested. how about some christian petzold? the trf project studio monitors are down for repair....
...on will blow up you monitors. (pure 40hz cycling ,,, reminded me of radio city's air organ) ttyl, sj media,remix,bpm_below_60,instr
... if i break anyones monitors. ,61_moons,remixes,media,remix,bpm_120_125,editorial_pick,trackback,in_video,sample,non_commercial,audi
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