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... is that human meat tastes like chicken breast — so stop on by area 51 — and catch us tanning up under the sun — then at du
...lanet intrastar. individual song mixes included. one new pella attached "pareidolia" four songs, including one remix. the fres all ai! they are individually programmed chat bots, only one is "self aware" that he is an ai. dj byte - a beat buster from co
...ot be to everyone's taste, it can certainly be cathartic. included is the monologue session and the dsk pads. thanks to the mixt
...y is about 7 unique individuals who gather within the four walls of a north london community centre, secrets buried deep in their cl
rogers crumbs roger waters can be an alienating figure. he has always been a self oppinionated individual which is one of the reasons fo...
...m you want next. individual shots included for your drumming needs. thank you for listening :) ,sample,media,bpm_140_145,non_c
...the sweetest of all tastes it was given to me by a wily creature whose shape and form changed as we went to play he promised he
breathe in blue (duckrizon mix) guitars can do so much if you let them... very enjoyable to meld the theme with haskel's tasteful and var... make everything taste better. this is a headphone mix (i'm on the road right now), so it is not be as refined as i would like
in your eyes who is leza2unes i am not familiar with an individual or entity by that name. can you provide more context or information a...
...e meantime here's a taste of his vocal work. apart from some rephrasing of the lyrics its just as steven sang it ,quintessential_so
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