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Viewing 0 - 12 of 18 matches total bend to fit your desires. this is one earth and it is also the land of the filipinos, too. respect of the land needs to be observ
...are your dreams and desires? are you content and at peace with yourself? anchor's words may speed the journey promise me nin
...everything my heart desires. small things, but i fill them with life. what i’m missing now is a well hung mid-forties woman on
... us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by
...f a living desert desires strong and untamed like the raging sea with me you will never quit you will steal the kindest eyes f
...e they fulfil their desires such a waste of existence searching for acceptance when all along, we did belong ,acappella,media,tr
...sion of the natural desires and the drive of fear by the church in a time when "witches" still got burned. i made this one a very
... of your dreams and desires and you’re looking upstream but your heart’s drifting downstream and you want to run and save it
...e architects of our desires. we are isolated. we are full of evil. we are lovers and we are here and never again. we are archi
...s of ...your desires and turned it around for me to see. elise s. salisbury - february 26, 2012 acappella,media,being_f
...ll are not what one desires yet we must keep our heads up and know that if everything was perfect, imagine how dull life would be,
... stemmed from small desires, shielded from the public's eyes. either i am terrible at reading people or you changed your mind or you
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