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...berties with suzi's delivery..cutting and repeating certain phrases, altering the cadence a little. media,remix,editorial_pick,bpm_0
... noir/dj spooky...) delivery. after trying a variety of methods and mixes (before listening to any of the remixes, btw) i came to a
...r king[/b]'s speech delivered on april 4, 1967: beyond vietnam: [b]a time to break silence[/b]. didn't have much time to work on
i wonder 2nd [url=]attempt[/url]. much better quality. great delivery by yvonne. tempo is...
...o a very old school delivery on this track. please let me know if you do remixes to my acapellas. remixes to my tracks will be inclu
...matched with wicked delivery of a lyrical genus media,remix,bpm_100_105,chill,electro,electronic,experimental,hip_hop,techno,attribu
life of luxury(backroom mix) this is my 2nd remix of jlang's work. i always enjoy the vibe that his guest mcs deliver through their vers... clarence bodyker delivers a charlie brown reference within three syllables of the word "niggaz." it sounds urgent and absurd, an
...e are the demons of deliverance with patent abuse for evolutionary dominance a mythical truce --- v2 make a contribution no
emcee one there's 3 verses here. i tried to keep the delivery pretty laid back. see if you can flip it... ,acappella,media,bpm_095_100,tr...
language of my reality i love this spoken word thing, you can really go to town on a mix.and the delivery is spot on.i love it when a voc...
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