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...rics yesterday, but concentrated on the sound. but i was also drunk from 2 bottles of wine and was on benzodiazepine withdrawal at t
...ic therefor i could concentrate fully on what you did with vocals and tried to dig how you set it up. not digged it completely yet.
review of 'path of glass (orchestral)' by 'latopa_zm' what a wonderful musical adventure you did:)very concentrated mix and you did a gre...
review of 'on 2 you' by 'texasradiofish' groovelicious r&b, alex [up][/up][up][/up] but its hard to concentrate on the music when we can ...
...t hey - than we can concentrate a lot more on the music! good to know that the work on the sackjo9000 was useful! unless i really concentrate. the drums are good give it a nice solid feel.[up][/up]
...haven't listened so concentrated to a lyric/reading for a while. it's personal, unpretentious, honest and warm. congrats to all to a the beginning to concentrate on the music, but i do like the loungey effect.
review of 'you vocal' by 'ivan chew' your pells are nsfw indeed. i couldn't concentrate on my report and was drawn to your vocals instead...
...iting right now, to concentrate while listening to it again [up][/up]
review of '"sacrafice mon!"' by 'panu moon' yo, my brother. i just decided to concentrate on [u]instrumentals[/u] for 6 months or so! b...
... more seriously and concentrate on your ccm stuff. we might all have to retire now!! that girl you were dating reminded me of
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