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permalink   Tue, Oct 18, 2022 @ 10:47 PM
hi guys. i think it’s super crass that you make your samples available for free for commercial use after feedback. i’ve been toying with the idea of releasing my remix of this acapella on spotify and the usual streaming services. but i currently only have 120 listeners on spotify, like snowflake has about. i had 2000 listeners two months ago. but that only came after i put my spotify account in a promotion for bought clicks from an american company that seems to work with asian clickfarms. and yesterday i saw a picture from asia of a young woman sitting in a poor room in front of a wooden construct with about 50 cell phones on it. so it’s a picture from a clickfarm. well, since then i’m not so convinced of this music industry anymore. and that’s why f@ck spotify.

that this song of yours is about a werewolf, i only found out this morning at 7 central european time. although i understand english pretty well, i didn’t listen to the lyrics yesterday, but concentrated on the sound. but i was also drunk from 2 bottles of wine and was on benzodiazepine withdrawal at the same time because i forgot to take my daily pills.

what was i getting at? tonight i dreamt of vampires. and as everyone knows, they are the arch-enemies of werewolves. anyway, i used to have nightmares about vampires a lot. and today i had them again after a long time.

apparently the passage with silver bullet has screwed itself subconsciously into my brain and reminded me of old times.

be that as it may. really, really cool song that you make there.

due to snowflake’s upload restrictions, my remix will be released at 1am california time, which is an hour before my 11am central european time therapy session with my psychologist dr bliss.:)) and at 12 noon central european time, i’ll mix two bottles of wine with neuroleptics and benzodiazepines again and beam myself away star trek style.
permalink   Kristian Tue, Nov 22, 2022 @ 12:53 AM
sorry cube. but i think it was a misunderstanding. my a.i. translator translated ” krass” as crass. i didn’t care that you were hitting on me from the side. but yesterday i saw a clip of dave chapelle. by the way, it was about the black civil rights movement and that black g.i.s got their d1ck bl8wn by french and german women for chewing gum and chocolate, and that they later had to sit all the way back in the bus in the anglo-saxon country of the anglo-saxon white masters race. and that’s how the black civil rights movement got going. i found this sketch by dave chapelle quite unpleasant and thought to myself: on the western front, french and german women had to 5uck d1cks for chocolate and gum, while in the east, on the front, russian soldiers used mass r@pes of german women as a weapon, much like in ukraine today.

be that as it may, it is unpleasant and, apart from the juice, no one will be happy about it. but they have lost their god because, according to a jewish joke, he is german, otherwise he would never have allowed the shoa.

what was i actually trying to get at?

yes. i would never insult anyone on this site. just laugh at them. divinely. unless i’m psychotic right now. anyway, dave chapelle used crass in his monologue and i realized it doesn’t mean awesome like “krass” in germany.

sorry dude.

anyway, people here laughed a little bit and everything is good again. i hope.