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review of 'arrested' by 'musikpirat' dream team!
review of 'steamboat willie sample pack 1' by 'apoxode' hilarious fun! i love this, so much nostalgia (growing up with disney in the back...
... up with this great team of musicians.
review of 'transmutated ocean tides' by 'zenboy1955' i imagine a synchronized swimming team of octopi somewhere in the indian ocean...[up...
...aderunner or other steam or cyberpunk stuff. truly truly. a masterpiece. congratulations.
review of 'midnight lounge' by 'kara square' hi adeline! i'm part of the admin team. as apoxode said, please add your stems. ccmixter is ...
...m part of the admin team, by the way.) welcome to ccmixter! let me know if you have any questions.
...e part of the admin team.) also, to add stems, view your song page (, click 'manage file
...gest to the feature team that it would be useful to add an option to the [b]sources[/b] dialog to not only select the work but to re make a wonderful team (with lovely high vox from sackjo). the piano solo section at the end is especially gorgeous. [up][/up]
review of 'infinite blanket - vocals' by 'speck' nice! a new release from team smile and nod is a welcome bit of good news.
...m part of the admin team and added this to our '[url=]one love remix event[/url],' as i think the mes
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