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The Push The Pull
by SackJo22
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Thu, May 30, 2024 @ 6:36 PM

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permalink   Thu, May 30, 2024 @ 11:16 PM
Much enjoyed! Great lyrics and hook, and a cool groove with some tasty guitar. Very atmospheric, enigmatic & engaging,
permalink   SackJo22 Fri, May 31, 2024 @ 8:06 PM
Thanks for inspiring me with your stems. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing so much great material with us.
permalink   Fri, May 31, 2024 @ 12:10 AM
Compliments to Haskel. You Susan are particularly inspired in this period.
This song is beautiful and well sung and played, the mix is balanced, just the ending is abrupt I would correct the fade out.
(My 1st ed-pick!)
permalink   SackJo22 Fri, May 31, 2024 @ 8:07 PM
Wow. Thank you so much. I’m touched by your appreciation and honored to be your first ed pick.
Kara Square
permalink   Fri, May 31, 2024 @ 7:50 AM
Wow… you gave me goosebumps! This is so damn good, Susan. Your voice sounds lush and sultry. Haskel’s guitars are divine. Delightful listening experience. Congrats on the well-deserved Ed Pick!
permalink   SackJo22 Fri, May 31, 2024 @ 8:08 PM
Thank you listening Kara. That means a lot.
permalink   Sat, Jun 1, 2024 @ 10:49 AM
Fully immersive aqueous vibes, flows like the ocean does :)
So happy to be a part of this, many thanks for that ;)
Just a reminder — you’re a genius :)
permalink   Sat, Jun 1, 2024 @ 4:19 PM
good line, Susan

rhythmically delivered, too :0)
permalink   Fri, Jun 7, 2024 @ 4:07 AM
Very nice. Soothing, with a sleepy (in a good way) groove and gently expressed spoken word. That drone(ish) bass is also a great smoothening agent.