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Battle Of Kandahar
by coruscate
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Tue, Jan 2, 2024 @ 7:23 AM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:

permalink   Tue, Jan 2, 2024 @ 9:34 AM
Epic cinematic drama, epic sample share :)

Ps. I don’t think this will qualify for ccPlus with a non-ccPlus CC-BY, because of the terms of conventional CC-BY. I could be wrong, I think it’s worth checking with Snowflake or Kara Square.
permalink   coruscate Tue, Jan 2, 2024 @ 10:44 AM
Oh okay, if that’s a thing I’ll spare you checking the box. I get the feeling you get tagged for each one 😎
permalink   Apoxode Wed, Jan 3, 2024 @ 10:34 AM
Oh no, it’s fine for your stems. I double checked to make sure the “ccplus_stem” was added — I was referring to the “remix” part of the upload. Sorry for the mix-up ;)
permalink   coruscate Wed, Jan 3, 2024 @ 11:10 AM
Ah! Okay! Got it thank you.
permalink   Fri, Jan 5, 2024 @ 4:15 AM
There’s a whole lot going on here. I like that.