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Playlist: Interstellar Secret MIxter

Interstellar Secret MIxter
created by Snowflake Saturday, March 10, 2018 @ 9:29 PM

Listen as the tracks for the Interstellar Secret Mixter arrive in lightspeed. Strap on your headphones and prepare to be wowed. Secret Mixters provide a most powerful journey through the universe.

Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust
-Stephen Covey

When we rely on the ability of others and when we share our talents, we warpspeed into galactic harmony and reveal the secrets of collaboration. This is one of the reasons why the Secret Mixter event is such an integral part of the ccMixter universe of sound. We give and we receive. We trust each other to groove on each other’s material. We find the essence of our artistry and take it to the next level. You join us at an exciting time… a time when ccMIxter is poised to jump into another galaxy of existence. Help us get there. This has been a secret mission, and we all soar together on upload day..

Sign-up now through 2/24. Assignments go out 2/25. Upload day is 3/11. Read the Secret Mixter rules HERE