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Playlist: The Savvy and The Chic Vol.8: Playa CD2 - LA CALMA

The Savvy and The Chic Vol.8: Playa CD2 - LA CALMA
created by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope) (coffeeeurope) Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 4:19 PM
*Escape to a hidden oasis of tropical bliss and musical enchantment*

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Summer is finally ahead; is time to shed all worries and complications and be reborn with the burning sun rising like a mighty phoenix. This installment of The Savvy and the Chic comes as an oasis, a mental retreat from a personal hiatus of much earthly turbulence. A sonic beach of clear skies, sandy shores, and purifying waters to cleanse the body and soul.

I thank everyone who lent a hand in the production of this album or inspired it in some shape or form. Thanks to the wonderful artists over at who make these series possible with their wonderful work. Last but not least – Thank you for listening! I hope this offering finds you in a Buddha state of mind where every misdeed towards life, nature and love is forgotten if not forgiven; and the good in all things is treasured. Enjoy.


1 Solace - Rewob
2 Transatlantico House’teppa - Oficina Musica Digital
3 Water Can Jazz - Texas Radio Fish
4 Got to chill (return mix) - Magic Moon
5 I Fear The Fear (2.24 mix) - Neil Crowe
6 Future shock - Kojo Akusa beat rebel remix (Kcentric)
7 I can see - Beckfords
8 Lujos (Hektor Thillet; Elias May ft Chidori-San)
9 Jazzyk (Fourth Day Of the Condor) - Dydjej Inja
10 Refuse to Give Up (Donkey Horse Mule ft MiElle
11 Troubled Times (Basematic ft Spinningmerkaba)
12 No Body Here With Me - xXSILENT_DREAMXx
13 Perla Negra ( Nodea & DJ Vadim FT Hektor Thillet)
14 Inside Outside (Destinazione Altrove ft Snowflake)
15 Not Enough (Sturzstrom ft J.Mitchell)
16 Cocoa Mantra (Hektor Thillet; Mseq ft Effluence, Leza2unes)
17 Tears of a Tin-Man (Koan ft J.Mitchell)
18 Robot Love/imádlak (Spinmeister ft Essesq)


Photography - Vincent Vila
Art & Design - Hektor Thillet


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The Savvy & the Chic” is a chillout album series, compiled and mixed by Hektor Thillet. This series features an eclectic mix of music; exclusively from the Creative Commons Music Community - All tracks are CC-licensed.
Visit the Official Site at: http://thesavvyandthechic.b...