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All I can really remember about mom and dad when I was young was screaming and fighting. We lived in a tiny home that didn’t have much privacy so you could always hear the yelling. Luckily they got a divorce when I was young. We moved out, my younger sister, my mom, and myself. It was difficult at first not having dad around but I quickly got used to it. I was always more attached to my mom anyways. It was my little sister that seemed to be having a harder time, asking for dad much more often than I thought about him. Soon she got used to him not being around too and it was like it was just the three of us Porn Movies. We moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment. Just a tiny kitchen, a living room, a hallway with a bathroom on the left side and 2 rooms on the right. My moms being the one on the end, just slightly bigger than the other room. Which my sister and I had to share. At first I hated the idea of having to share a room with my sister. At our previous house I had my own room. As time went on I became used to it, never imagining just how much I would come to enjoy it in the future. The three of us became very close after the divorce. My sister and I had to rely on each other a lot more now that we would be home alone a lot. My mom had to go back to work full time to pay the bills meaning we kind of governed ourselves. Despite how much she worked, my sister and I both felt very loved from her. Often times the three of us would even sleep in the same bed after cuddling together at night and watching movies. After long, my sister and I began doing everything together. We were each others best friend and would play games all day, watch movies together, and yes, occasionally fought too. Very rarely though. We got along great. Our bedroom was small. 2 twin beds next to each other with a small night stand in the middle with just an alarm and a small lamp separating the two beds. After a year of sleeping in the same room, it became very normal to me. I was very sheltered and had never even had a sexual thought Cooze Porn. I could recall my shaft getting hard in the morning but simply thought it meant that it had filled with pee and I needed to release it for it to go down. It always worked so I never had any reason to think much more of it. One day, everything changed. It was a saturday morning and mom was home. We had plans all day to do some shopping so we needed to wake up early and get ready. Being that there was only one bathroom, getting ready took forever. Mom went first and took forever as she usually did. She came out wrapped in a towel and told my sister and I that the water was starting to get cold and that we should just shower together so we could both get some hot water. “Ok” we both agreed. We had showered together when we were younger but it had been years since that. Still, I didn’t think much of it.
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