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Self-labelled “Tha Vietnamists” and lifelong friends, Pho & Thu (DJ iRaize), founded the group over eight years ago, based on a mutual need to push musical boundaries as well as their own technical limits. They are based in Paris, France.

Their live performances best illustrate the magic of combined imagination: rare and traditional vinyl cut up with sampling, scratching, analog instruments, live musicians & the MPC Real Time Drumming. All this combined with killer beats to shake the floor! They played alongside international artists such as Kid Koala, Wu Tang Killa Beez,Busdriver, The Scratch Perverts, Dj Cam, Dj Kentaro …

The originality of their music has initiated worldwide collaborations with respected artists such as Shabazz the Disciple, Akon, Killarmy,Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man), Glasses Malone, Tariq.L , Genghis Khan, Non Genetic (USA), Mc Yoke (Japon), Ali (45 Scientific), La Fine Equipe (Paris), The Codefendants (Paris/Brooklyn) and so many more… They have also been invited to score movie soundtracks and skateboarding videos.

They released their first unofficial LP, “Iconoclast Sound Adventure” (2005). This year theyre releasing “The Cloud EP”, featuring 3 tracks from the forthcoming album “Cloud Adventures” (oct.2009).
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Thu, Jul 30, 2009
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