Deep Roots Remix Event
Tue, Apr 26 5:56 PM Pluggy Plugs :: New tunes
Nice instrumentals
Tue, Apr 26 5:50 PM The Big OT :: Hello!!!
Hi Bryan, Hello The best way to interact here is to remix or post some source...
Mon, Apr 18 10:40 PM RFP Discussions :: WAV files
Playing around with the instrumental now, should be enough mate, brilliant pop/d...
Wed, Apr 6 7:11 PM RFP Discussions :: WAV files
How big was it Blake? I can't wait. lol. Even a BT without vox would nice
Sun, Apr 3 9:29 PM DIY :: Is there demand for MIDI files?
More MIDI please. Its all about choice and midi allows this freedom. For me the...
Thu, Mar 17 8:33 PM Announcements :: Luck of The Draw
Wow, secret mixter certainly gets us all our of our comfort zones. Good luck eve...
Mon, Jan 24 6:00 PM The Big OT :: The Bee Gees remixed with Pink Floyd?
Friken awesome
Mon, Jan 10 12:47 AM Bugs :: Rap "TAG"
Me too. The universe is conspiring against any attempts for me too rap in a publ...
Wed, Nov 24 1:18 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Greetings, mixlings! Good Old Neon comes in peace, with stems!
Very nice stuff. Welcome to ccM!
Thu, Nov 11 10:07 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Pluggy Plug Behind the Mask!
Thanks CS. I'm honoured
Sun, Oct 17 12:45 PM DIY :: Free orchestral instrument samples
Great resource. Just loaded a whole heap of notes into melodyne. Wow! Thanks for...
Mon, Sep 27 12:39 AM The Big OT :: silly fun with the blues maker
Great tips for my next blues song. Very funny, I think I used most of them here ...
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