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RongHe Liquors is a kind of distilled liquor, they are made in the Maotai Town, Guizhou province, China, where have good reputation in liquor industry in the whole world.
RongHe Liquors have long history. In 1879, RongHe Winery was founded in Guizhou—Renhuai Maotai Town. In 1915, RongHe Liquor was recommended by China Government to attend the American Panama World Fair, and won the gold medal in the Fair. In 1935, the long march of the Red Army went cross Chishui by way of Maotai Town, Mr Wang who is the owner of the RongHe Liquor Winery reward with RongHe liquor to the Red Army, Mr. Zhou Enlai and other senior generals complimented the liquor very much after drink. And in 1949, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai specified RongHe liquor for state banquet liquor at Beijing Hotel . In 1950 Chairman Mao Zedong’s visit to the Soviet Union to meet with Stalin, one of the gifts he brought was RongHe liquor.
RongHe Liquors were also developed and sold well currently, won many honourable reputation both in China and the World. In 2003 RongHe Liquor won the national food industry famous liquor brand. In 2007, RongHe Liquor won the Guangdong International Wine Exposition. In 2010, RongHe Liquor was designated only one liquor as the Shanghai World Expo International Health Festival . In December 2012. China light industry association, the United States Wine Group and ULTIMATE BEVERAGE CHALLENGE held in New York “the most popular international Chinese wine”, RongHe Liquor won “The best investment value of China wine” and “The highest gold award”.
Through the long history development, RongHe Liquor look crystal, transparent, have maotai-flavor, soft taste, with a long finish. RongHe Liquor are also healthy and protecting stomach.
To Choose RongHe Liquors is your wise choice!
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