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South Korea has seen a robust economic growth in recent years, having ranked 15th in the world by nominal GDP and 12th by purchasing power parity (PPP), as well as having been identified as one of the G-20 major economies. It is recognized as one of the Asian Tigers, and is a high-income developed country with a developed market.

Having almost no natural resources, and a population of approximately 50 million people, South Korea has had to adapt an export-oriented economic strategy to fuel its economy. As a result, in 2011, South Korea was ranked as the 11th largest exporter driven by fast growing demand for made-in-Korea high-tech products including semiconductors and automobiles. Despite the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that caused South Korea to suffer national bankruptcy, the nation was still commended for its resilience against various economic crises, citing low state debt and high fiscal reserves that were available for mobilization mobilized to address any further unexpected financial emergencies.

Solidiance, a leading B2B marketing strategy advisory firm focused in Korea and the Asia Pacific region, is entrusted to provide market research and strategy recommendations to clients who are looking to expand their businesses. We know how to leverage our experience in Korea, as well as that of our clients, to comprehend and represent the dynamic shifts taking shape in the Korean markets that most directly impact our clients and convert that knowldege into an actionable and comprehensive market entry and growth strategy. We are known to be assertive, yet diplomatic and culturally aware and always seek to “get our hands dirty” in understanding the reason market behaviors will influence and indeed impact our clients business in the region.

Specializing in sectors such as industrial, technology, construction, automotive, telecommunications and healthcare, Solidiance prides itself in having on-the-ground insights needed to dig deep into the South Korean market and obtain reliable data used to analyze South Korean market trends, industry perspectives, and value chain partner opinion so that our clients can compete effectively in the Korean market.

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