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Lions security is an famous brand China container seals company located in ZheJiang Province.

Lions security seal founder Mr.Wu is one of the earliest China security seal maker here.As Mr. Wu said “no manufacturers, no factories,i’m the 1st in that time “.Then next several decades Mr.Wu had his own small workshop, this is the lions seal predecessor.

Last several decades lions security seal devoted its main mind to China market (1985-2013). But now lions seal is taking its excellent technology and very competitive advantage to serve all world customers.

With its many years producing experienc , timely delivery , high level quality and very very resonable price , lions seal now had won many countries customers’ cooperation . Recent years lions seal agency located in South Korea , Japan, Pakistan , Singapore , Mexico , Colombia , America , UAE , Chile,etc.

At the same time lions seal is world ship companies container seal direct supplier (MSK, HANJIN,COSCO,APL,CMA…). Lions seal also provide diverse plastic seals and cable seals to large Oil & Gas companies and customs. At same time lions seal is also some world big security seal companies pointed OEM factory. It’s all products meet USA & European standard.

Lions seal quality is admires by all partners and customers , this is not only due to its quality and price , but its eye sight on world security seal market and understand customers’ requirent deeply.

Now Lions seal products include Plastic seals / Bolt seals / Cable seals / Padlock seals / Metal ball seals / Meter seals / Security seal tamper & labels / Tools & Accessories. Next Lions seal will develop RIFD seals and new type seals nonsked.

Lions seal welcome all world customers , Happy business!!!
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