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Sat, Feb 11 7:45 AM lethal review of Surprise ME (cdk) by cdk
not bad jarret give me a call sometime if yer allowed out
Sun, Oct 14 3:22 PM lethal review of Good Bye Mr. Rogers by cdk
Sun, Jul 15 8:46 PM lethal review of Madrugada - cdk mix by cdk
Tue, Jun 5 8:21 PM lethal review of Kickin by cdk
hahahaha, dare i say the vocals go off point near the end, still a cool mash tho...
Tue, Jun 5 8:19 PM lethal review of Que Pena - cdk mix by cdk
1000% love this track dude, gotta come throo soon!! mix up some shit.
Sat, Apr 7 3:27 PM lethal review of Blue Panther (a little drum and bass mix) by cdk
just got this in the e-mail.... i HATE you!!! lol.
Sat, Apr 7 3:26 PM lethal review of Blame (out-west mix) by cdk
nice track, great vocal sync..
Sat, Apr 7 3:25 PM lethal review of Un-Named (Dub) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
good stuff!
Sat, Apr 7 3:24 PM lethal review of Missing You (Plead to the Symphony) by cdk
really mellow stuff man, when u gonna get over here and record??
Sat, Apr 7 3:24 PM lethal review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
awesome, long time no see!!
Thu, Jan 25 1:28 PM lethal review of "Ana" (dub-style mix) by cdk
dub-a-licious, should have used less source, but i think you picked through them...
Sun, Jul 23 3:03 AM lethal review of Disrupted Melody by cdk
right on worth bringing over my memory card man good techno... we'll fix her up ...
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