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Jaron, of Jaron and The Long Road to Love, is a fresh face on the new-Country music scene. His sound is that of a crisp blend of powerfully smooth vocals meshed with a musical skill-set whose charming looks and polished talents has drawn him comparisons to Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. Lyrically Jaron and The Long Road to Love deals with real life issues such as loss, love, redemption and humility in an authentically honest, non-ironical fashion, that is reminiscent of Country great singer-songwriters such as Townes van Zandt and Kris Kristofferson.

Formerly, of the band Evan and Jaron, with his identical twin brother the pair had immense success particularly with their breakout album of the same name. The album Evan and Jaron was released in 2000, but truly made its big impact the following year as it featured three Top 40 hits including the song “Crazy for This Girl”, which reached number four on Billboard. Additionally, the Evan and Jaron album showcased the hit “From My Head to My Heart” featured in the film Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The album also produced the popular song “The Distance” that was also integrally shown in the film Serendipity, which starred John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Jaron is a true Southerner and was born and raised in Tucker, Georgia and yet from small town Southern roots went on to be featured in People’s 50 Most Beautiful People. He has also performed on such shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Live with Regis and Kelly. Jaron now spends his time living in Nashville, TN and recording new music. He has a specific emphasis on connecting with his audiences and fans via a rarefied talent of showmanship as a dedicated and passionately hard-working troubadour.

Jaron and The Long Road to Love focuses on music that doesn’t box itself in with a single genre or typeset, but rather works with a passionate storytelling vibe. Jaron consistently makes a point showing his fans true love not just with concerts, but also in reaching out to them daily and directly with no fake posts, letters or blogs written by some “media person”, in social media and networking. He is the kind of modern and savvy musician, who gets that fans are into the internet, but also that some are into writing letters and he prides himself on responding personally to everyone no matter the medium.

All of this, that is mentioned above and heard in his songs and seen in the relationships with fans both new and old, is what honestly makes Jaron real. He is that refreshing voice that new-Country musicians are claiming to own and that rooted old country musicians genuinely stand for from the Southern Appalachian Mountains to the songs of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. When you add all of this all together what you get is a simple, sincere message that is unclouded by irony or artificial goods. What you get is Jaron and The Long Road to Love.
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