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Evo Evolver (evoevolver)

About Me
Myke started to play with loops and samples in 2003 as new found hobby, after entering remixing contests in Myke decided to do original stuff and so he created Evo Evolver, A musical project that concentrates on musical experimentation. The tunes created in that project was a fusion between his musical preferences like rock, pop, hip-hop and electronica, and they sounded gritty and dark. After awhile, he decided to push his musical experimentation further more so he looked for singers who he can collaborate with, in 2006 Evo Evolver focused on doing breakbeat, Drum and Bass that he really made him a better musician, producer and artist. Right now, he got his first release under Acid42’s QED records. Evolve or Die, a dark and hard hitting collection of his songs. Aside from the Evo Evolver, Myke also collaborates with other artist. He remixed Demolee’s “Corona Borealis” “Right Here” and “Hagkan” from Flavours and Caffeine, “Midnight Monologue” and “Dawn Dialogue” by Acid 42 and “Watari’s Machine” by Names are for Tombstones. Minor Syndrome with JV Muñoz (Makkina, Cardinal Zen)and _FEEN along with Juno Limjap and Ado Ortiz (Flipperbaby). And currently doing minimalist dubstep and grime.
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Sun, May 11, 2008
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