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My penis was so hard at this point, I felt like it wouldn’t take much to erupt a ton of cum in my pants at any moment gaytubeporn.” . I gagged a little, trying to test my limits, and my eyes became watery. He pushed my head back towards his balls so I started licking them again, while now he started stroking himself. He started speeding up, and said, “hope you’re ready bitch boy,” as he pointed the tip of his penis lower. I took that as an indication to open my mouth for him. I opened, and placed it just at the tip of the head ready to catch everything. I heard him grunt, and a moment later I felt hot, salty semen enter my mouth one gush after another. I swallowed everything that came out” . He continued to stroke it for a few seconds, and I continued to get as much of his head in my mouth to catch any last few drops. I paused to swallow, and then could feel it soften, but didn’t stop until he backed up from me.
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