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When taking cipto junaedy a property photo to include within your property to let advertisement it is well worth taking sometime to make sure that you do not end up taking a picture of the current tenants clutter and mess. As a quality kitchen shot or lounge shot is the very best photo to offer as a main image it is worth tidying up these areas before taking the picture. When taking the photo you want to create a vision for the new tenant. Offer the potential tenant a vision of how nice it would be to live in your property to let. This means taking a nice photo of a nice kitchen, it doesn’t mean quickly taking a photo of a sink full of washing up with cups and plates everywhere. Neither does it mean taking a quick photo of the lounge area with magazines, rubbish and clutter scattered everywhere. A clean and presentable kitchen or lounge shot will do any property advertisement the world of good and will generate significantly more enquiries than a poorly presented property.

When presenting the particulars of a property to let there are some guidelines which need to be followed when looking to attract as much interest from potential tenants as possible. It is important that the property to let particulars offer the potential tenant all the information that the tenant needs to make a decision before enquiring about the property to let. This doesn’t mean that all rental property particulars should be 10 pages long, but it does mean that the property to let should be described in good detail spread over approximately 3 paragraphs.

An example cipto junaedy of what prospective tenants are looking for in the detail of a property to let would be;

Number of bedrooms.
Number of bathrooms.
Decor style and quality throughout the property.
Flooring e.g. carpets, wood flooring etc.
Kitchen facilities.
Bonus features e.g. built in wardrobes, wireless Internet etc.
Glazing type.
Heating type.
External features e.g. front and/or rear garden, off street parking etc.
Views if applicable.
Council tax band.
Utility bills included if applicable.

A property cipto junaedy to let that offers property particulars that include the above detail and which is presented in approximately 3 flowing paragraphs will offer the potential tenant the very best information the tenant needs to make a decision on whether or not they wish to inquire about that particular property to let. If a good property description is offered it will not only gain more interest from potential tenants, but it will eliminate time wasting calls from tenants asking for further information on the property to let.
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