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Brown Tomas (browntomas)

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Sawdust pellet machine
Known as wood dust pellet mill, sawdust pellet machine is suitable for pressing
materials of lower adhesion and formation rate i.e. rice hull, sunflower seed shell,
peanut shell, and other fruit shells; wood tailings like tree branch,trunk and bark
and various crop stalks. Being highdensity forming machinery, it is widely used
for recycling wastes and tailings from biomass fuel plant, power plant, wood
processing plant, fertilizer plant, chemical factory, foodstuff plant and wine plant, etc.

A. Main force bearing parts adopt high alloy wearable material, and life of wear part is
several times of similar products.
B. Rational design, low consumption and high efficiency
C. Solid and wearable, vertical feeding; finished pellet with higher density and smoother
surface, and separate oil
D. Double-layer mold, high output and energy conservation. Below are parameters of
our sawdust pellet machines

Model Capacity
(t/h) Power
(KW) Pellet diameter weight Dimension(MM)
GZLH480 0.8-1 45 Φ4-12mm 1.6t 1600*800*1350
GZLH560 1-1.5 90 Φ4-12mm 6.5t 2600*1300*2310
GZLH760 1.5-2 132 Φ4-12mm 8.5t 3100*1420*2450
GZLH860 2-3 220 Φ4-12mm 15t 3380*1480*3180
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