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Sun, Feb 3 7:48 AM Wired Ant review of Crossing the Pond by Rewob
Having done already two remixes of Anji´s marvellous pella I know the attractio...
Sat, Feb 2 1:35 PM Wired Ant review of Suffer Someday by Doxent Zsigmond
Great! Love this wall of sound
Sat, Feb 2 6:11 AM Wired Ant review of This Beat (A Cappella) by Donnie Ozone
Great groovin rhyming with a witty "concertant" second voice
Sat, Feb 2 6:06 AM Wired Ant review of So You Decide by Javolenus
Medivial catholic Aborigenes took their didgeridoo to church! A disturbing, gre...
Sat, Feb 2 5:19 AM Wired Ant review of Alien (Send A Postcard Home) by Javolenus
Alert ears, eyes and brain in best conection with your songwriting interface: st...
Sat, Feb 2 5:01 AM Wired Ant review of Life Isn't Everything by Hans Atom
A big musical shot Hans! The U2 feeling is great (I hear more Coldplay influence...
Mon, Jan 28 5:36 PM Wired Ant review of Stiletto Blues by Javolenus
Great grooving track! Love how this damped drums are dragging you through the so...
Sun, Jan 27 3:04 PM Wired Ant review of Only if You're mine I won't have to burn your House down by annabloom
Some will better bring some extra water! Special and kinda ingenious
Sat, Jan 26 1:17 PM Wired Ant review of Spinning (ft. Kara Square) by Quarkstar
Very interesting and convincing concept! I can imagine the lot of work you did r...
Sat, Jan 26 1:09 PM Wired Ant review of Katie's Song by TheDICE
Very pleasant playful arrangement and great layering of all instruments!!! Espe...
Fri, Jan 25 2:54 PM Wired Ant review of Hey Martina by Doxent Zsigmond
A very beautiful and empathic backing for Javo´s great track
Fri, Jan 25 2:47 PM Wired Ant review of Dropping out of Lightspeed by Kraftamt
Killer dance track
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