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Sun, Mar 17 7:05 AM Wired Ant review of Music Biz Today by Hans Atom
A wonderful remix and a great testimony of the atomic instrumentalist (you playe...
Sun, Mar 17 6:32 AM Wired Ant review of Choices by Speck
Like this a lot! Nice tension of the robotish elements and the human opposit wit...
Sat, Mar 16 1:43 PM Wired Ant review of Ragdolls [Pella] by anjibee
Wonderful pella Anji! Very pleased to find new vocal magic of you
Sat, Mar 16 6:53 AM Wired Ant review of Forest Muse Ballad by Skill_Borrower
Ooops - nearly missed this! What a mighty furious remix and drive! Yes - skill...
Fri, Mar 15 7:58 AM Wired Ant review of Materialistic Mambo by Shelflife
Well - Javo took the words right out of mouth! Splendid cool thang
Tue, Mar 12 4:07 PM Wired Ant review of Amigos With Egos by Alex
Strong, heavy backing track
Tue, Mar 12 5:40 AM Wired Ant review of That's How It Goes by Javolenus
Music for a story of two jolly squareheads travelling through rural sceneries an...
Tue, Mar 12 12:46 AM Wired Ant review of Two Travellers by Shelflife
A really amazing dramatic and atmospheric concept and execution! Great honour f...
Mon, Mar 11 2:51 PM Wired Ant review of Lemon Haze (Robbero remix) by Robbero
Sat, Mar 9 7:22 PM Wired Ant review of C120-12string-guitar-arps by Javolenus
Sounds like a pleasant morning walk today in a bright warming spring sun
Sat, Mar 9 1:20 PM Wired Ant review of So here you are stuck on a Stick of your Choice by annabloom
I am really amused, in awe and highly entertained! I donĀ“t know if a track, a ...
Fri, Mar 8 2:02 PM Wired Ant review of The Last Apple In England by Javolenus
Yeah - got the scenery in technicolor on my screen! This is probably the best s...
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