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Music has always been a major part of my life. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. Through performing at recitals and parties, I gained stage experience at a very early age. By the age of six, I was playing Axel-F (theme from Beverly Hills Cop) on my synthesizer and spending hours on end making drum loops.

Entering middle school, I started taking trumpet lessons. I gained more performance and stage experience by playing through the concert band and jazz ensemble. In addition, it taught me the fundamentals of improvisation and soloing. From a competition standpoint I enjoyed being a part of the central division/all-state bands.

In high school, I continued to play the trumpet in the marching band and concert band. I also played auxiliary percussion in the wind ensemble, and electric bass guitar for the pep band at basketball and football games. My success with the pep band landed me with an opportunity to play bass for the high school jazz ensemble in competition.

By my senior year of high school, I was producing my own electronic dance music using a DOS-based sequencer called Impulse Tracker. All of the notes were programmed by hand through a computer keyboard.

After graduating from high school, I worked a summer job and bought my first drumset. I saw a flier for an opening in a rock band, auditioned, and ended up playing in 6 different Raleigh-based bands (both cover and original rock bands) throughout the course of my university studies. As a drummer, I gained more experience playing at restaurants, bars, weddings, house parties, and local venues throughout North Carolina.

I also practiced solo by performing at open mics and on-campus music competitions through piano and singing. By college graduation, I had purchased my first Tascam 4-track cassette recorder, and began to teach myself about the recording process. I eventually moved on to a digital multi-track recorder, and continued to record original songs using a drum machine, piano, bass guitar, and my singing voice.

Working as a multimedia designer for a detention supplier company, my boss would occasionally give me audio-related projects to work on. These ranged from on-hold pre-recorded phone systems, to the soundtracks and audio used in videography. I eventually became more interested in MIDI-based music production, and taught myself how to use Propellerhead Reason.

For the next 3 years, I was a co-producer and composer for an electronic music project based out of Greenville, North Carolina called The El-Pees. 120908_The_El_Pees.mp3 rose to rank #20 (out of 41,957) and rank #86 (out of 250,287) on the 2009 electronic music charts in less than one week. The song was released internationally on January 4, 2009. Music from the project can be heard at

During this time, I also went back to my roots as a rhythm section musician, playing the electric bass for a jam band. That lasted for about a year. After departing from the jam band, I started an open-source music collaboration project, which concentrated on a short classical piece that I wrote for the piano. 5 other musicians participated in this project, ranging from hard rock to experimental noise. All collaborations are available at
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