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Designer of sound and phonographer, educated at the RNCM and the University of York, in both composition and electroacoustics.

Largely focusing on site- specific and installation work by simply offsetting our normal perceptions. Given that the aim is to replicate a subjective experience of the surrounding sonic environment, collecting sound based on its original origin before twisting it into an interpretation of the original source.

Projects include spending time within the Amazon Rainforest, collecting sounds ranging from insects, birds and very vocal giant frogs, working alongside the emergency fire services, creating an audio piece around the use of a number of hoax telephone calls made from around the Lancashire area England, spending a year as an Artist-in-Residence at York St John University, creating an audio acoustic interpretation of life on the campus, and visiting Svalbard, Norway gathering a variety of the sounds from polar bears, arctic foxes to killer whales.

Markus’ work has been presented in Canada the United States and across Europe including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Holland and Italy. Appearing at Sightsonic, Toronto Electroacousic Symposium, International Conference of Electronic Art and Lab. Buridda.
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