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“Does my husband still love me?” is a frequently asked question by many women.

Fact is, most men are typically not good at explaining what they really feel inside.

But if the man in your life repeatedly does one ore more of the six things in the list below, chances are he is trying to tell you “I love you”.

1. You notice that he stares at your eyes

The eyes are far more than just windows to a man’s soul, they are also a rear view mirror for what is actually going on inside his heart.

Men always throw an excited look at what they desire, that is why you can always catch them at staring at your breasts.

Just think of the following: Since there are so many beautiful things in this world that he can rest his eyes on, chances are his feelings for you go deep since it is you he is

staring at.

Basically, there are two types of “I-love-you-look”. One is the secret look. He stares at you when you are not aware of it. This look is not an easy one to detect, but if you

secretly try a couple of times, you’ll notice it. The second look of love is when he simply stares at you.

Men are careful when it comes to showing emotions, but if he tirelessly looks at you in this way, he is actually lowering his shield and gives you an invitation to enter his


2. He buys things that you like when he’s at the grocery store

You suddenly discover that he has filled up the fridge with lemon cream biscuits, baby carrots and other types of feminine food, which he would eat under compulsion only…

This is a definite sign that you are constantly in his thoughts, even in non romantic places like a grocery store. When it becomes a natural part of his shopping to buy things

he knows that you like, it might be a way for him to tell you that he loves you.

Moreover, this is a way for him to show the outside world that he appreciates you. Men like to be free as long as possible, but now he is leaving obvious evidence that there is

a woman present in his life, so you can be pretty sure that you are the right one for him.

3. He includes you when he talks about future plans

If one day he tells you that he wants to move away from where he lives today to a new place, and at the same time asks if you would like to live in such a place, then this is a

way for him to tell you that he wants you to be a part of his life in the future also.

4. He often wears the sweater you gave him

Giving you the ability to take control of his wardrobe is something a man would never do if he is not serious about his feelings for you. Men simply like to do things

themselves, and they do not like it when anyone threatens their male ego and male identity since this can be considered a weakness by other men.

So when he’s wearing the clothes that you gave him, he does it for you sake, giving you a clear signal that he lets you take control.

5. He stands right next to you when you are out together

Where and how he is standing when you are out together says a lot about where you are in his life. Keep in mind that most men are biologically “programmed” to be interested in

the opposite sex. For this reason, a “programmed” man will always want to walk either a few steps ahead of you or a few steps behind you.

But when he is in love with you he automatically suppresses his male instincts, and he will walk and stand right next to you where you can have control of his eyes.He will keep

you close to him and show to the world that he is taken. But remember, it may be that he’s too shy to hold you hand, so do not judge him too early.

6. He does not mind when you answer his cell phone

Men never know what potential “destructive” force that can hide on the other side of the handset, everything from an ex girlfriend who wants to tell him her last “goodbye” to an

over concerned mother who refuses to accept that he’s a grown man. So, if he lets you take control of this “ringing bomb”, he’s clearly showing you that he has nothing to hide.

When a man gives you access to his cell phone, he is actually handing you the key to his world.
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