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Reviews left by Hieron

Thu, May 9 1:53 AM Hieron review of Slow Week - Vivid Sound Lab Remix by vividsoundlab
Beautiful, very professional work, with great musical sensitivity. Thank you ver...
Sun, Sep 10 11:07 AM Hieron review of Super TV (Timid All Over mix) by Speck
Funny. I like it. very good.
Sat, Sep 2 5:32 PM Hieron review of Winds Of Change by Radioontheshelf
great atmosphere and arrangements.
Sat, Sep 2 5:29 PM Hieron review of Trade Winds by texasradiofish
sounds great!
Sat, Sep 2 5:26 PM Hieron review of Narcoleptic Blues by Zenboy1955
very interesting, I like it a lot. It has something tribal. super.
Sat, Sep 2 5:22 PM Hieron review of Burning Road (chill mix) by Speck
hey, I bet you like Lalo Schifrin. Harry Callahan prowling the nights of San Fra...
Wed, Aug 23 2:29 AM Hieron review of Paseo al Anochecer (Dusk Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Hello Ben! Extraordinary remix, I really enjoyed listening to it, it's a display...
Sun, Aug 20 4:26 AM Hieron review of The More and More to tell You (generative live remix) by Mr. Pepino
Hey, great, it's always interesting to see a live performance. I love that bass,...
Thu, Aug 17 2:13 PM Hieron review of A Basic Instinct by Radioontheshelf
Fri, Aug 11 10:45 AM Hieron review of Oliver's Song by Radioontheshelf
Great song, and great production and sound quality.
Fri, Aug 11 10:42 AM Hieron review of The Scent Of Silent Distances by Speck
I really like these long songs where you have time to immerse yourself and enjoy...
Fri, Aug 4 4:04 AM Hieron review of Same Difference by Speck
Hey, very good! very stimulating everything you do. It has taken me to a scene f...
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