Deep Roots Remix Event

Reviews left by DJDecay

Tue, Apr 8 8:08 PM DJDecay review of Wake Up Kiss by Zep Hurme
Very la chanson and tango. Great arrangement and mix.
Sun, Apr 6 11:18 AM DJDecay review of Come Back - Brad Sucks (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Super, inspirational. Really cool idea!
Sat, Apr 5 10:26 PM DJDecay review of Entranced by the beauty by Carosone
Definitely loving the hard snare and rev snare drum patterns! Very disco/progres...
Sat, Apr 5 5:02 PM DJDecay review of Sleep Lightly by CSoul
Really cool synth to back up her vocal track, Thank you. Did you play it 'into ...
Fri, Apr 4 5:46 PM DJDecay review of A Heart With Your Name On It by Kara Square
Thank you for the wonderful vocals and ukelele tracks.
Thu, Jan 30 7:07 PM DJDecay review of Love is the Problem; You're to Blame by snowboardebater
Good work. I have two un-published dance-trance choons with you vocals on them. ...
Sun, Dec 8 5:16 AM DJDecay review of New Earth by Snowflake
Totally unexpected timing to the build-ups in this. Amazing. Thank you for posti...
Sun, Dec 8 5:10 AM DJDecay review of I Miss You by Snowflake
A wonderful, heartfelt! address. Bridge in the middle is very strong. Thank you...
Sun, Dec 8 5:05 AM DJDecay review of Waking Me Softly by Snowflake
Very good stuff here! Thank you.
Sun, Apr 3 7:57 PM DJDecay review of Cool Dudes by Admiral Bob
Very nice voice. Would make a banging house track. Is there a mixed version?
Sun, Apr 3 2:10 PM DJDecay review of Speak Your Heart Pella by JenSomeone
Awesome vocals. Thank you.
Tue, Mar 6 8:12 AM DJDecay review of What is What by bobbi
Amazing "a capella". You're right on pitch, the recording is very, very clean. ...