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As marketers your goal is to manage bulk of e-mails to clients, customers and any interested parties. With this in mind the main job of email marketing are to manage list of subscribers, create email campaigns and evaluate campaign reports. All of these jobs require your time, effort and ability to manage your work well and be productive as you can be. Just imagine yourself managing bulk of e-mails every day without the right system is stressful and frustrating.

Therefore having a right system of management will make you effective, efficient and productive. That is the use of technology. Our technology is innovating every now and then and if you know how to use technology for your own benefit then good for you.

One innovation of this so called use of technology is the integration of MailchimpWordpress. Through this you can manage your email marketing by cleaning it up and making it more manageable through integrating the use and apps of wordpress.

In using MailchimpWordpress you can set up your list and add subscribers by; uploading it from spreadsheet, copy paste or type in subscriber contact information or import your CRM (customer, relationship management) database. You can customize your own website by choosing theme of your choice. Different plugins are also available for a work much easier and manageable for you. You can get step-by-step instructions in creating your list and allows you to set up website and mobile application. Multi-functional ways and importance of managing your list and expanding your marketplace are found here.

This is easy to learn. If you are a beginner they have staffs to help you and guide you in installing the software. You can install Mailchimp for Wordpress and create first form. In general you can send email campaign with latest posts, you can allow editor role to access plug in settings and customizing confirmation e-mail. You can further add code to your website. It is consider quite safe and secure to run any website because of its built-in security.

Millions of people and each day new people is joining WordPress by creating their first ever powered websites. This is user friendly and very easy to use. You can adapt to it quickly because its features are easy to understand. By integrating mailchimp to wordpress you can incredibly strategize your marketing techniques to adapt into this fast innovation of technology. This is super flexible and can be extended by using plugins. There are lots of plugins available providing an extra functionality and add a whole new platform to your wordpress site. Not that it is a user friendly but it also comes with built-in updater meaning you can update your plugins and themes just within your admin dashboard.

Furthermore you are not just limited to writing text but wordpress can also handle media types such as images, video content and audio you can use for managing your files and documents. You can also embed videos and audios from other websites by simply pasting url in your post. To know more about mailchimp and wordpress you may click here.
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