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How I Did It

I Wonder What I'll Do Today
by tacet
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Thu, Mar 15, 2007 @ 6:39 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Cubase, GlaceVerb (free reverb plugin), Reason (for instrumentation)

Samples I Used

Most of the soundfonts used are from, loops from an old ZeroG CD.

Original Samples

Everything beyond the piano and vocal. Five additional instruments (and two drum loops).


I started with the piano which oldDog contributed and the narva9's vocal. First I corrected the timing in Cubase, so they were both in sync. Then I switched to Reason, chose a soundfont and flipped back to Cubase.

I had a rough idea in my head for the string progression, so I tried a few combinations. I didn't want it to sound over-chordy, and tried to make it move like a real string section in an orchestra.

I soloed the strings against the vocal and then the piano, to check for discord, and loaded up an oboe. Same process, listening and comparing against the other instruments one at a time.

I then started thinking about structure. I wanted to have transitions, from piano to vocal to oboe solo, vocal and an ending as the track's focal points.

I needed a baseline, and found most of the sounds I tried were too thin because of the strong stereo vocal. I ended up with a slapped bass sound, heavily filtered, compressed and distorted.

...and the bass should be slightly funky, with an edge of unpredictability. Hopefully it doesn't sound too disjointed :)

Anyway, I chose a couple of complimentary drum loops, being careful to keep the vibe. I tweaked the bass slightly to follow the feel of the drum sequence.

Three hours later I started moving the parts around in Cubase to achieve the structure I wanted, filling in on cross fades.

At that point I decided the end phase needed something else. So I added a simple synth arpeggio and a very high glassy synth which you can hear towards the end of the track.

I then did some final touches, stereo field and EQing and exported the result.

Hope you like it :)

Other Notes

I feel I need better monitoring :) After decorating my main speakers are still packed away, so this was mixed on headphones and computer speakers. It's given me an interesting perspective, I just hope it doesn't sound shitty on proper monitors :)