Branching Out Secret Mixter

How I Did It

The Missing
by Admiral Bob
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Sun, Dec 25, 2022 @ 8:53 PM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Nanokey ii, Neewer vocal booth, Ovation acoustic guitar, Garageband

Samples I Used

I used Javolenus' Absent Friends, because I could not believe these clean and clear parts had not been used.

Original Samples

I added a piano, some synths, and a piano part - all of this on a 12 inch long Nanokey MIDI controller, sitting in the living room Christmas morning. I later added the vocal and an acoustic guitar part.


I tap tempoed out the freestyle and it seemed to be about 59 BPM. I brought in two regions - a guitar region, and the ambient noise region, and quantized them to 8th notes locked to that tempo.

I repeated, released, repeated the guitar part.

Then I just played over top of the rest. I tried creating the lyric through ChatGPT on a dare from my daughter, but the lyric was crap. So I took the idea of "Absent Friends" and took it one step further by making a song about missing family this time of year, which always weighs on me.

Other Notes

I hope this song brings healing to those finding this time a little bittersweet.