Deep Roots Remix Event

How I Did It

I Got A Girl
by wrenchbiscuit
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Sun, Aug 24, 2014 @ 10:48 PM

Tools I Used

Cakewalk Sonar Producer XI
Rapture Synth plug in
Cakewalk S1 String Section
Epiphone Electric Guitar
Shure SM57 for vox

Samples I Used

Primary source material from Kara Square (naked piano arrangement) and Stefan Kartenberg (orchestration of Kara's arrangement) which I found on ccMixter. Sax Solo is a composite from loops by Slap Johnson found on Looperman site. All source material is under CC 3.0 Attribution.

Original Samples

I played slide guitar; added a string section,synth pads,wrote lyrics, sang lead and backup vox.


Everything arranged and mixed in Cakewalk. Sonitus Multiband Compressor used on main stereo output at mixdown.Completed remix of course of 2 days. Approx. 9 hours spent.

Other Notes

It was a good feeling as always.People who don't compose and record music couldn't possibly understand how much they are missing by only listening to it. It's far better than sex or drugs. The only things better than music are Love, and God!