Branching Out Secret Mixter

How I Did It

Frog in the Well sample pack
by Lucas Gonze
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Thu, Aug 14, 2008 @ 10:22 AM

Tools I Used

The instrument was a 1928 Gibson L3 recorded into a Macbook with a Sure SM 81 and an ART Tube MP preamp.

No effects.

The software was Audacity.

Original Samples

These are my own performances of a fife and drum song from the American civil war. I learned the song from a field manual for musicians.

Other Notes

I'm interested in how acoustic and real-time music fits into the overall picture of net music.

To make that work on a legal level I used a public domain composition that I got straight from a primary historical source, so there couldn't be any added layer of copyright via arrangement, orchestration, retranscription etc.

On a musical level I hope the organic sound here complements the electronic style dominant on the net. The instrument I used has a unique tone which is different from most acoustic guitars, so I'm hoping that the tone will also be a contribution to the normal sonic vocabulary.